Women in ICT has been birthed by, Founder and Chairperson of On The Ball Foundation, Kim Palmer, who is a successful female entrepreneur whose IT training college called On The Ball College, has been running for almost two decades. Kim is passionate about creating tangible social impact by creating opportunities for young girls to engage with technology to better prepare them for the 4th industrial revolution through her robotics programs, ICT training as well as this annual event.

Jade Wyngaardt, writer, Speaker and Entrepreneur. Founder of Click Africa Digital.
A lump the size of a pea in her breast made a Woodstock woman face a choice no mother wants to make: put her babies’ lives at risk or terminate the pregnancy. Jade Wyngaardt has had cancer twice since 2016, but this mother, wife and entrepreneur says she will continue to fight the disease. Jade Wyngaardt gained invaluable experience within agencies before striking out on her own as a freelance writer, link builder and social media manager. Her mission was to help small business owners punch harder in the market. Click Africa Digital grew out of this freelance career. Click Africa Digital landed its first clients quickly but faltered when Jade was diagnosed with cancer. There was a lot of defiance, a lot of “swimming upstream”, but ultimately a breakthrough. Click Africa Digital and Jade survived and continue to grow.

Timothy Maurice Webster is the author of four bestselling books on human and brand behavior. His research focuses on the link between Brain Power and Brand Influence. Timothy, born and raised in America, has worked between America, Africa and emerging markets for the past decade. His research, talks and media work explore the evolving trends in Neuroscience and how professionals and organizations should think about how the brain processes identity, brand power and human behavior.
Timothy’s work is inspired by his studies in branding, design and neuroscience from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Sloan School of Management and Brookstone College. Timothy’s research interest are- Personal Brand Leadership, Brand Influence and Gender Equality.

Laura Barker has a portfolio of working in a variety of areas within the information technology and services industry.
She has gained extensive experience in a variety of technical fields including Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Programming, Technical Documentation, Test Analysis, Instructional Design and Training. Over the last two years she has served on the Sintrex Management Team in the position of the Training and Content Manager. In this role she has been responsible for the running of their prestigious internship programme, internal training and product documentation.
Laura studied Information Technology at Northlink College, has an Honours degree in Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in English and Psychology from UNISA. She is also registered with the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and is IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) certified. Laura strongly believes in the value of hard work and perseverance in all that she does and strives to continuously educate herself and diversify her skillset, believing that no form of education or experience is ever wasted. She aims to empower and inspire others to believe in themselves and their abilities to achieve success in all that they do.

Michael Steyn (Mike), Operations Director of Aspire Solutions foundered Aspire in 2004 with a specialisation within geo-spatial technology. A family man making a change to embark on a new business venture within the tough South African market.
Mike comes from an engineering background and has a BSc in Civil Engineering. This has equipped him well for the problem solving and solution engineering aspect of business analysis and the applied use of business systems.
Over a period of fourteen years, Mike has led the development and implementation of many complex enterprise information technology projects.
Prior to working in the information technology environment, he has worked as a design and project management engineer in South Africa, Namibia and England.
Naturally Aspire Solutions faced the challenge all entrepreneurs are faced with identifying both the brand, specialisation and the competition within industry. With determination, vision and the synergy of good partnerships Aspire is here as a specialist solution technology company.
Aspire having a more technical approach initially, and being well versed in creating partners within the industry who identified the niche approach partnered with Evolve Management as an implementation partner in 2016, and with a good working balance it became apparent that visions of the companies were aligned, being confident within the capability of bringing value to organisations. In 2017, Mushfiqoh (Evolve Management) and Aspire Solutions partnered and have only looked forward to making a mark within the Information Technology Industry.

Mike also enjoys Hockey and Hiking.
Simply put Mike refers to Mushfiqoh and her business rapor as ‘his ying to his yang’.

Mushfiqoh Samodien, Business Director of Aspire Solutions found her foundation within the larger corporates of FMCG and Oil and Gas creating a solid track record within Finance, Project Management and Business Analysis, Change and Transition Management and an invaluable focus on business Relationship anagement. With having vast experience within various industries within business process management and communication. This has equipped her well for the problem solving and solution design aspect of business transformation and the applied use of business systems.
With a period of 16 years within the information technology environment, she has been exposed to both local and international markets fulfilling analysis, strategy, implementation and management across enterprise information technology projects. Embarking on a career as an entrepreneur in 2014, starting a consultancy (Evolve Management), the road was faced with all the entrepreneurial risk and challenges.

With the will power to achieve, once more a partnership manifested between Evolve and Aspire Solutions in 2016, on the basis of a values and strategic drivers for Aspire.
Mushfiqoh joined Aspire fully as a Director and Shareholder in 2017. The synergy and vision shared between partners are the key to success. Mushfiqoh easily admits to the success and was aligned to the growth on the hard roads walked between both parties. Mike and Mushfiqoh equally share the need to inspire, educate and empower. A huge focus within Aspire Solutions strategic pillars to success.
Her will to empower and her passion proves vital the era of entrepreneurs.

Lionel A. Benting, Director: ICT, Health and Social Development, Western Cape Government.

Lionel holds a BSc degree with majors in Computer Science and Physics from UWC, and an Honours degree in Education.
After starting out in Computer Based Education as manager of the Outreach project at UWC, he became Head of Educational Technology in the WCED when computers were introduced to schools. He was part of a team that architected the Khanya Project which was implemented at all high schools and most primary schools in the Western Cape. Many of the other provinces used the learnings from this province as a model over the years.
After a brief period as the ICT Service Manager for the Metro Central Education District, he moved to Head Office to manage and develop the BI (Business Intelligence) and GIS (Geographical Information System) for the Western Cape Government.
Lionel is currently the ICT Director responsible for the departments of Health and Social Development ICT services. This includes ICT Strategy and planning, Business and Systems Analysis, Software Development and Maintenance, Network Infrastructure Architecture, provisioning and Maintenance and network Monitoring. He also manages the rural incident support resolution process via the central Service desk through three offices based in rural Western Cape.
He is married with three children.


Aspire Solutions Pty Ltd : - A specialised information technology company who helps organisations take high-impact steps towards solving business problems. We accomplish this by integrating a “start-now” philosophy along with our approach and delivery which ensures rapid cost-effective delivery of custom IT solutions that exceed client expectations.

Sintrex is an Infrastructure Management Company based in South Africa and is passionate about the innovative pursuit of excellence in providing end-to-end IT solutions and services. Through a culture of excellence, partnership and fun, Sintrex attracts and empowers staff with an inspirational work experience, world class software and globally renowned suppliers and partners to deliver services and solutions to their clients, helping to secure and enhance their IT reputations.
Alviva Holdings Limited owns the majority shares in Sintrex.

Previous Women in ICT Events

Background Information

  • On the Ball College seeks to address the skills gap and adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution through education, training and development, with a robust focus on enabling women to become tech savvy and preparing them for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Once a year in August, as part of celebrating women’s month, the college hosts an event that is open community where young girls, ICT industry experts and giants come together to share ideas, present opportunities and collaborate for their growth and advancement.

    In 2017, the first Women in ICT event was held at the Castle of Good Hope in partnership with a speaking out series that focuses on areas communities were encouraged to talk about.

    The second event in 2018 was hosted at College of Cape Town. This saw a collaboration of On The Ball College, educators, the city, schools and industry leaders in the ICT space such as Oracle, Microsoft, Comptia. Event goers reflected on women’s role the ICT industry for the past, present and future development.

    Both Women in ICT events were free to attend and accessible to the community at large. It has now grown into an annual event where women in the ICT sector uplift each other, share insights and information; develop partnerships and ideas on how to break the barriers and norms in ICT industry.

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